Cognitive Development:
Cognitive Skills are appropriate to the school situation, for they are concerned with knowing and
thinking. They assume that perceiving and doing, shown in manipulation and play, precede the
capacity to symbolize, which in turn prepares for comprehensive understanding
Example toys: puzzles, blocks, pegs, etc...

Social/Emotional Development:
An estimated 6–10 percent of all children develop serious emotional or personality problems at
some point. These problems tend to fall into two groups: those characterized by symptoms of
extreme anxiety, withdrawal, and fearfulness, on the one hand, and by disobedience, aggression,
and destruction of property on the other. Give your child the opportunity to interact with other
children and adults in an active environment.
Example: mirrors, active play-pretend play games, etc...

Language Linguistic Development:
Many definitions of language have been proposed. Henry Sweet, an English phonetician and
language scholar, stated: “Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds
combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, this combination answering to that of
ideas into thoughts.”  
Literacy is key, engage your child in reading and conversations.
Example: language videos and books

Fine Motor/Gross Motor Development:
The term “skill” denotes a movement that is reasonably complex and the execution of which
requires at least a minimal amount of practice. Thus skill excludes reflex acts. One does not
become skilled at sneezing or at blinking the eyes when an object approaches.
Children benefit from activities that help achieve gross and fine motor control.
Example: soft play, lace and tie, coasters, etc...

Growth in All Areas of Development:
Cognitive, social, language and physical are stimulated through the use of appropriate practices for
young children.  Involving active learning and active play is the process by which young children
explode their world.
Examples: observing, smelling, tasting, listening, touching and playing.
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