Are you a Push-over?  
Here are some things to keep in mind
Who is running the show?
Parenting is not a popularity contest.
Pleasing a child is not raising a child.
A good parent know that sometimes a child must cry.
Raising a child means helping them to learn limits and to deal
with disappointments.  These are hard lessons for a child to
learn and for a parent to teach.  But they are much harder
lessons to learn, and will cause much more pain, if they are not
learned in early childhood.
A good parent knows that preparing a child for life
means they can not always please their child.
Giving in to a child is the easy way out.  Helping a child to learn
to control their behavior is so much harder, but actually much
more caring.
A good parent's judgement is not affected by their child's tears
Rating high on your child's daily approval rating does
not make you a good parent
Hopefully, the adults in the home are setting the rules.          Developmental Disorders          Autism          Parenting Issues