Some common misconceptions of autism...
       Children with autism never make eye contact - some do make eye contact, and
some make eye contact after working for years to learn to make eye contact.

       Inside a child with autism is a genius - children with autism have a wide range of IQ
scores and skills. However, a child that may remember the birthday of every child in their
class may not remember their names.

       Children with autism can't show affection - this is difficult for most children with
autism, but not always true. Bonds and affection can be achieved in many cases but it
takes work, time, and patience.

       Progress means a child does not have autism - False. Progress means hard work,
love, and support is paying off.

       Affection and smiling at you means a child does not have autism - False. All  
children are different and with time, work, and love many that don't show affection will
learn to show affection.

       Autism can be outgrown - False. It can be treated and children and adults with
autism can lead productive and happy lives - and so can their families.

       Bad parenting causes autism - False

       Children with autism cannot learn - False. But often the key is figuring out how they
learn and teaching them appropriately. Each child is different.

       Autism is rare - False.
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